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On this page we offer resources relevant to the NAES College community, particularly around the main campus location in Chicago. As the project evolves, we will add more resources. If there is a resource you’d like to share, please visit the contact page.



Former NAES College students in need of transcripts, please visit the Eastern Illinois University Office of the Registrar website.



We have a limited amount of NAES College t-shirts (red with white logo) and magnets (gold with black logo) available to former students, staff, and their relations. If you would like any of these, please reach out to us by visiting our contact page.



American Indian Association of Illinois

The American Indian Association of Illinois strives to transform American Indian education into an experience founded in native culture, language, and history fused with knowledge, excellence, and tribal values which will enhance tribal nations and urban native communities where American Indian families work, live, worship, attend school, care for their elders, and raise their children.


American Indian Center

Through a combination of short-term relief services and long-term education and support programs, the American Indian Center seeks to foster physical and spiritual health in the community, an active connection with traditional values and practices, stronger families with multigenerational bonds, and a rising generation of educated, articulate, and visionary youth.


Center for Native American & Indigenous Research

The Center for Native American and Indigenous Research is Northwestern University’s primary institutional space dedicated to advancing scholarship, teaching, learning, and artistic or cultural practices related to Native American and Indigenous communities, priorities, histories, and lifeways.


Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative

The members of the Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative (CAICC) are dedicated to furthering diverse causes and the greater well-being of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and First Nations people in the Chicago area. We seek to maximize effectiveness by creating a forum for fostering mutual aid, political support, positive public recognition, strategic alliances, collaborations, and partnerships.

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